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2.2~30kw Oil-free Scroll Air Compressor

Low Pressure Air Compressor[3~5bar]

2.2~30kw Oil-free Scroll Air Compressor

Oil - free Scroll Air Compressor Definition

Air is drawn in through an inlet on the outside of the solid vortex. The air enclosed in the compressed space is reduced by the compression movement of the compression chamber, facing the center of the compression. The compressed space is minimized at the center, and the compressed air is squeezed out from the center of the exhaust. (Inspiratory → compression → exhaust) the movement is repeated.




      1.Oil Free Scroll Air End

      Adopt Japanese anest iwata brand made in Japan,reliable working , low failure rate

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      2.Brazil WEG motor

      WEG ranked second biggest motor manufacturer in the world, IE energy saving standard,IP55 protection.


      3.Air filter

      Dust filtration efficiency>98%, filtration accuracy<5 micro, resistance<50mm water column. Reduce the noise of the suction port by 35dB (A)

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      4.Intelligent Touch Screen

      Real-time observation of compressor operating status: main engine, fan, exhaust temperature, exhaust pressure, output power, total power consumption, fault message.


    Product parameters

    Model Exhaust pressure Air flowing Motor power Driving mode&Cooling method Dimension Weight Noise Air outlet pipe
    mpa bar(e) psi(g) L/min hp kw L(mm) W(mm) H(mm) Kgs dB(A) mm
    OF-2.2A 0.8 8 116 240 3 2.2 Belt drive&Air cooling 540 680 920 135 46±3 Rc 3/8
    1 10 145 205
    OF-3.7A 0.8 8 116 405 5 3.7 540 680 920 151 50±3 Rc 3/8
    1 10 145 350
    OF-7.5A 0.8 8 116 820 10 7.5 1100 740 1080 395 53±3 Rc 3/4
    1 10 145 700
    OF-11A 0.8 8 116 1230 15 11 1100 740 1680 465 56±3 Rc1
    1 10 145 1060
    OF-15A 0.8 8 116 1645 20 15 1100 740 1680 550 58±3 Rc1
    1 10 145 1415
    OF-22A 0.8 8 116 2540 30 22 1100 1450 1680 915 59±3 Rc 1/2
    1 10 145 2080
    OF-30A 0.8 8 116 3400 40 30 1100 1450 1680 1065 59±3 Rc 1/2
    1 10 145 2800

    Introducing the 2.2~30kW Oil-free Scroll Air Compressor, the pinnacle of clean and reliable compressed air technology. This innovative compressor is designed to meet the exacting standards of industries such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, laboratories, and electronics manufacturing, where the purity of compressed air is paramount for product quality and process integrity.

    The oil-free scroll technology sets this compressor apart, ensuring that the compressed air produced is free from oil contamination. This makes it an ideal choice for applications where even the slightest trace of oil could compromise product purity or contaminate sensitive equipment.

    With a power range of 2.2 to 30 kilowatts, this compressor offers the versatility to meet the varying compressed air demands of different operations, from small-scale laboratories to medium-sized manufacturing facilities. Its compact design and quiet operation make it a practical and unobtrusive solution for a wide range of work environments.

    The oil-free scroll technology not only ensures the purity of the compressed air but also reduces maintenance requirements, resulting in lower operating costs and minimal downtime. This makes the 2.2~30kW Oil-free Scroll Air Compressor a cost-effective and efficient choice for businesses seeking reliable and clean compressed air solutions.

    Furthermore, the advanced scroll compressor design delivers smooth and pulsation-free air flow, contributing to stable and consistent air supply. This is essential for applications such as medical equipment, precision instruments, and cleanroom environments, where air quality and reliability are critical.

    In conclusion, the 2.2~30kW Oil-free Scroll Air Compressor represents the pinnacle of clean, reliable, and efficient compressed air technology. With its oil-free scroll technology, versatile power range, compact design, and low maintenance requirements, this compressor is the ideal choice for industries that demand uncompromising air purity and operational excellence. Whether it's for pharmaceutical production, food processing, laboratory research, or electronics manufacturing, this compressor delivers the peace of mind and performance that modern industries require.

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