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Durable Aluminium Super Pipeline for Industrial Gas Transportation

Aluminium Super Pipeline

Durable Aluminium Super Pipeline for Industrial Gas Transportation

Patented technology and perfect quality

Compressed pipeline system plays a vital role in the en re produc on line. The full-performance compressed air pipeline system adopts unique patented technology, which can bring high-efficient and high-quality compressed air under the most suitable pressure with the lowest cost and the most beau ful appearance.At the same me, the full-performance compressed pipeline system is more flexible in the design and selec on of spare parts, easy to install, and can sa sfy all design and produc on requirements of different customers.

    Product advantages

    Efficient transporta on with extremely low energy consump on.
    The permanent high-quality and smooth internal surface ensures the delivery of compressed air with stable quality, protects the safety of gas terminals and stabilizes product quality.
    Low-fric on inner surface of the tubing ,eliminates airflow restric on for the lowest possible pressure drop.
    Full-bore flow, effec vely reducing pressure drop.

    Maximum flexibility
    Detachable and reusable components, perfectly adapted to your factory environment.
    Quickly add the shunt device and branch pipeline at any  me to easily adapt to produc on line adjustments.
    Eliminate the risk of pipe and helmet confusion with the design of descending side connec on. Bead airflow is restricted to achieve as low a drop as possible.

    Sturdy, durable, beau ful, guaranteed for ten years
    The product material and design of the full-performance compressed air pipeline system ensure effec ve and strong corrosion resistance, strong fire resistance,resistance to thermal changes and beau ful and smooth appearance and it can adapt to various harsh environments and ensure stable and high-quality clean air delivery,keep the inner surface of the pipeline clean to ensure the service life of the terminal equipment and the stable quality of the products produced.

    Simple and fast opera on and installa on
    Pipelines and connec ons can be installed immediately without construc on prepara on and subsequent iden fica on.
    Quick installa on without welding, gluing or twis ng and herme c treatment, saving  me.
    No need for in-depth training, complete the assembly quickly.
    Lighter weight is convenient for pipe cu ng and easy on-site installa on.

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