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ZIQI focus on products research, products energy saving, to make sure the compressor with high quality, reliable, durable and energy saving.

About Us

About Us

ZIQI Compressor(Shanghai)Co., Ltd. which be regarded as one of the top quality air compressor system manufacturer in Shanghai China,the quality ranked global top series, founded in 2007, located at Shanghai,China, with professional factory and office covered over 7000m2,over 100 employees, energy saving compressed air solution manufacturer and supplier over 10 years in China. ZIQI insists that only perfect quality is what we are proud of. In order to promise, we will not sell the future because of short-term interests. We strive to persist and only gain recognition and follow-up from more and more customers. This is the biggest driving force for us to continue to move forward.

Why Choose Us

ZIQI adopt global superior components, focus on making the system more durable, high efficiency and energy saving, able, durable and energy saving.

Project Case

ZIQI collaborates with globally renowned and reliable suppliers

Qualification Certificate

All production approved by ISO certification, CE certification, SGS certification and GC certification


Quality inspection

After rigorous testing, ensure that every component and spare part is the most suitable for the ZIQI air compressor system

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  • 64e3267r9x

    Screw Air End

    Profile design: fourth generation bilateral 
    asymmetric screw profile design.
  • 64e3267n28

    Intelligent Touch Screen

    Real-time observation of compressor operating status: main engine, fan, exhaust temperature, exhaust pressure, output power, total power consumption, fault message.

  • 64e3267hqx

    Centrifugal Fan

    Global well-know brand, large air volume, small vibration, durable easily maintenance, and low noise.

  • 64e3267wk2

    Brazil WEG IE4 motor

    WEG ranked second biggest motor manufacturer in the world, IE energy saving standard, IP55 protection.


ZIQI insists that only perfect quality is what we are proud of.