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Customer clients--US.**BREATHABLE BAGSIMP. & MFG. CORP.


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Customer clients--US.**BREATHABLE BAGSIMP. & MFG. CORP.

2023-12-25 16:34:19

 In 2020, a customer headquarters in the United States purchased a fixed-speed screw air compressor GAS-11A from Ziqi, and then purchased two variable-speed drive (VSD) screw air compressors GAS-11A VFC in June 2023. After the fixed-speed screw air compressor GAS-11A arrived at the site, the customer, General Manager Xu, said that they had already modified it according to the needs.  

In July 2023, when he visited the Ziqi factory, he noticed the variable speed drive screw air compressor and immediately changed the contract from fixed speed to variable speed drive screw air compressor. Although they stated that Ziqi's air compressor was the most expensive air compressor they had purchased in China, Mr. Xu revealed that they believed the decision was the right one and immediately purchased two more compressors when needed.

Mr. Xu, 88, is admirable for his professionalism and professionalism. Even though he has worked on the front line for many years and has reached retirement age, he still insists on working, which is inspiring. He visited the factories of five suppliers before visiting ours, demonstrating his commitment to making informed decisions and seeking the best options for the company. Customers' choice of Ziqi air compressor reflects their confidence in the brand and product performance. Mr. Xu's choice to modify the compressor to meet their needs and his commitment to personally visit the supplier's factory, despite his age and experience, reflect his dedication to ensuring the best interests of the company. ZIQI is proud to have customers who value and appreciate the quality and performance of our products. We are honored to contribute to the needs of Mr. Xu's company and have been selected as the preferred supplier for their air compressor needs. We are committed to providing high-quality, reliable products and look forward to a continued successful partnership with Mr. Xu and his company. Mr. Xu’s professionalism and customer satisfaction with Ziqi products have inspired us. We are moved by Mr. Xu’s spirit and professionalism, which is worth learning and admiring. All in all, Mr. Xu’s visit and customers’ confidence in our products highlight the quality and reliability of Ziqi air compressors. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve them and are committed to continuing to exceed their expectations. Mr. Xu’s example reminds us that dedication, professionalism, and pursuit of excellence are eternal qualities that we all should strive to embody.