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2015 Ziqi was invited to participate in Pragati Maidan Global Industry Expo in New Delhi


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2015 Ziqi was invited to participate in Pragati Maidan Global Industry Expo in New Delhi


On December 9, 2015, our company was invited to participate in the India International Industrial Exhibition, one of the global series of industrial fairs sponsored by Hannover Messe in Pragati Maidan Exhibition Hall, New Delhi, India. The India International Industrial Exhibition is a sub-exhibition held by Hannover in India, consisting of four major themes, namely 2015 India International Power Transmission and Control Technology Exhibition, 2015 India International Process and Industrial Automation Exhibition, 2015 India International Surface Treatment Technology Exhibition, 2015 India International Logistics Exhibition. The exhibition attracts many well-known companies in the global technology and business sectors and is currently a very important international event in the South Asia region.

The international exhibition is extremely rich in content, the exhibition area of more than 20,000 square, the number of visitors to more than 10,000, the four major industrial exhibitions, a display platform, but also reflects the rapid development of the world's industrial level, in such a competitive pressure around, but also gave us a great power of purple gas compressor. Our company has strong scientific research technology, advanced computer management system, European standard production line, so that our company to energy saving and environmental protection as the concept of production of Ziqi screw machine, oil free machine, frequency conversion machine, integrated machine and mobile machine and many other exhibition air compressor products, and has been the close attention of visitors.

As a leader in the compressor industry, in this three-day exhibition, our staff has always maintained enthusiasm and patiently communicated with the visitors. Exhibition equipment in the Ziqi air compressor staff's perfect speech will show the unique advantages of the equipment is unique, our products show the advantages of efficient, durable, energy saving, environmental protection, so that many visitors to the exhibition equipment more profound understanding, have expressed a strong desire for cooperation.

In the rapid development of the industry today, our purple gas compressor will be better, with professional, concentration, focus to repay our customers. Our commitment: We will work together with users through innovation and communication to provide users with a better compressed air system!