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32~400kw Diesel Portable Screw Air Compressor

Portable Air Compressor

32~400kw Diesel Portable Screw Air Compressor

Without wearing parts,so it is reliable, long life, A high degree of automation.

Working Power: 32-400【KW】

Free Air delivery: 3.2-33【m3/min】

Working pressure: 0.7-2.5 【MPa】

Transmission: Flexbility direct drive

Cooling: Air-cooling



    • 3pyp

      1.Germany Leading Technology Screw Air End

      High performance and large air delivery screw delivery screw air end ,stable working at 24hrs/day.reliable quality, stable performance and high operating efficiency.

    • agggvlz

      2. Durable Diesel Engine

      Heavy duty engineering powerful diesel engine,working stability, durable and fuel-efficient,Cummins /YUCHAI/ XICHAI brand. 

    • Oil-air vesselfqb

      3.Oil-air vessel

      The three-stage oil and air separation system.
      The pressure difference across the oil/air vessel is within 0.015 MPa.
      The air flow rate of the oil/air vessel has been raised by 58%.

    22~185kw Electric Portable Air Compressor (1)9kr
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      4.Control Panel

      Each unit adopts the microcomputer logic control system developed by Ziqi Compressor, which has self-diagnosis and self-protection functions.

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      5.Movable System

      The whole series of products are optimized in structure, while improving the strength of the body more attention to the product traction parts, to ensure the safety of movement.

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      6.Manuli Oil Tube

      MANULI brand from's the leader of the tube manufacturer in the word,5 times using life than ordinary.

    22~185kw Electric Portable Air Compressor (2)0ql

    Product parameters

    Model Exhaust pressure Air displacement Power Exhaust pressure Note
    mpa bar psi m3/min cfm kw bar
    GMD-32-7 0.7 7 102 3.2 113 32 ≤6 two wheels
    GMD-36-7 0.7 7 102 4 142 36
    GMD-42-8 0.8 8 116 5.2 184 42
    GMD-58-8 0.8 8 116 7 248 58
    GMD-110-8 0.8 8 116 13 283 110 four wheels
    GMD-110-10 1 10 145 12.5 354 110
    GMD-110-14.5 1.45 14.5 210 11 389 110
    GMD-110-15 1.5 15 218 12 424 110
    GMD-132-14.5 1.45 14.5 210 15 530 132
    GMD-141-15 1.5 15 218 14 495 141
    GMD-162-17 1.7 17 247 15 530 162
    GMD-162-17 1.7 17 247 16 565 162
    GMD-192-18 1.8 18 261 17 601 191
    GMD-191-17 1.7 17 247 19 671 191
    GMD-191-21 2.1 21 305 20 707 191
    GMD-194-18 1.8 18 261 18 636 194
    GMD-295-20 2 20 290 25 883 295
    GMD-295-23 2.3 23 334 29 1024 295
    GMD-400-25 2.5 25 363 33 1166 400

    Introducing the 32~400kW Diesel Portable Screw Air Compressor, the ultimate solution for on-the-go compressed air needs. This powerful and versatile compressor is designed to deliver reliable and efficient performance in a wide range of applications, from construction sites and mining operations to oil and gas exploration and industrial facilities.

    With a power range of 32 to 400 kilowatts, this diesel-powered portable screw air compressor offers the flexibility to meet the varying compressed air demands of different job sites. Whether it's powering pneumatic tools, sandblasting equipment, or pneumatic conveying systems, this compressor provides the necessary air supply to get the job done.

    The portability of the diesel-powered compressor makes it an ideal choice for remote or temporary work sites where access to electricity may be limited. Its rugged construction and durable design ensure that it can withstand the rigors of demanding environments, providing reliable compressed air wherever it's needed.

    Equipped with advanced screw compressor technology, this portable unit delivers high efficiency and consistent air output, maximizing productivity while minimizing fuel consumption. Its user-friendly controls and easy maintenance features make it a practical and convenient solution for operators in the field.

    Furthermore, the diesel engine provides the necessary power to drive the compressor, offering independence from external power sources and ensuring continuous operation even in remote locations. This makes the 32~400kW Diesel Portable Screw Air Compressor an indispensable tool for industries that require reliable compressed air on the move.

    In conclusion, the 32~400kW Diesel Portable Screw Air Compressor is the go-to choice for businesses and industries that demand powerful, reliable, and portable compressed air solutions. With its wide power range, rugged construction, and efficient performance, this compressor is designed to meet the diverse needs of modern work environments, empowering operators to tackle their compressed air requirements with confidence and ease.

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