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15~315kw High Pressure Air Compressor

High Pressure Air Compressor[30~40bar]

15~315kw High Pressure Air Compressor

In the chemical, glass, petroleum, textile, printing and dyeing, ceramics and other industries, the required compressed air working.Using The Least Energy To Meet The Process Of Your System, Save A Lot Of Energy.

Working Power: 15-315【KW】


    • 11ea2

      Air Filter

      Two-stage dust removal and filtering system with efficiency of up to 99.9%even in heavy-duty environment……

    • Oil-air vesselbmx

      Oil-air vessel

      The three-stage oil and air separation system.
      The pressure difference across the oil/air vessel is within 0.015 MPa.
      The air flow rate of the oil/air vessel has been raised by 58%.

    • 3ffq

      Air End

      ZIQI adopts Germany GHH RAND air end.It's based on its steady working,high efficiency and energy saving to……

    • Manuli Oil Tubejsl

      Manuli Oil Tube

      MANULI brand from's the leader of the tube manufacturer in the word,5 times using life than ordinary.……

    • 36ij


      ZIQI custom made in China,the are if the radiator increas ed by 30% than European.

    • por (2)i1a

      Brazil WEG motor

      WEG ranked second biggest motor manufacturer in the world,IP55 protection.class F insulation.

    ·The Frame And The End Cap Of The Motor Are Made Of Cast Iron Material So That The Gap Between The Rotor And The Spindle Is Uniform;
    ·Design Speed, Torque And Operating Parameters To Meet The Compressor Load Requirements;
    ·Designed With SKF Heavy-Duty Bearings, Greatly Increasing The Stability And Life Of The Motor;
    ·High-Efficiency Motor With F-Class Insulation, B-Class Temperature Rise, Longer Life, More Able To Adapt To Harsh Environments;
    ·The Motor Adopts The IP55 Degree Of Protection Of The Motor, Effectively Prevent Dust And Water Into The Motor.

    Electrical Control System:
    ·The Main Control Components Imported Brand-Name Products, Optimize The Integration In One, High Reliability, Trouble-Free Running A Long Time;
    ·The Use Of Integrated Intelligent, Intelligent Higher Programmable PLC, The Most Cost-Effective Way To Control The Operation Of The Entire Unit;

    ·The Motor And The Host Are Equipped With An Integrated Gear Drive System.
    ·Is Effective, Reliable And Rugged Design
    ·Carefully Selected High Speed Gears Are Mounted On The Shaft Of The Motor And The Main Unit.
    ·Flexible Coupling Direct Drive, The Motor, The Host Into One, Transmission Efficiency, Reliable Operation.

    ·Selection Of Italy Manuli High-Pressure Tubing, 5 Times Longer Than Ordinary Tubing Life, The Use Of Purple Unique Anti-Lock Technology,

    Cooling System:
    · Large Area Of High Quality Oil Cooler And Rear Cooler.
    · Extend The Service Life Of Lubricants, Filters And Seals.
    · The Use Of A Unique Low Temperature Difference Design, With High Temperature And High Humidity Environment For The Design Premise, Suitable For Any Regional Environment.

    Airway System:
    · Intake Filter With Imported Filter, Dust Removal Effect Of 99.9%, To Ensure That The Compressor Host Effective Dust;
    · Intake Valve Assembly Specially Designed Servo Cylinder, With Check Function, No Need To Install Oil Check Valve And Oil Valve;
    · Unique External Air Pre-Filter, To Keep The Machine Clean, Extend The Maintenance Cycle, Can Easily Disassemble And Clean U.

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